So. I’m pretty far along with the knitting, but the end is not yet in sight.

I have finished three ornaments, which look like this: Woo!

I’m proud of them, I think they’re cute. I think I’ll do more next year, considering how much yarn I have left.

The second thing I finished was this hat. the right size, too

AND it turned out the right size this time. I’ve already given away all of these presents and everyone seemed to like them.

I also (no surprise) gave in and bought the pattern for the French Press Slippers. I’ve made one set (no picture yet) and they are incredibly easy to make. I’ve never felted before, and the pattern is well articulated and easy to follow. They turned out pretty good. And, as mentioned by the Yarn Harlot, the sewing really CAN be absolutely awful. And nothing bad happens. Since I’m a terrible sewer, this is wonderful. I’ll put a picture up later.

So what do I have left, you ask? Well, here’s the list. Notice the slippers have replaced the bags.

1. Another hat, just like the above. (almost done)
2. A Beaumonde hat.
3. Make 3 more pairs of the aforementioned slippers.
4. Finish this scarf. (Danica)
5. And this scarf. (Exchequered)

I have two other projects that are more flexible in their timing. Right now I’m expecting to finish the two hats and the slippers this week and to put off the scarves and send them later. Same thing with the following two.

1. Twilight Princess scarf.
2. And this one, Beaumonde.

So that’s what I have left. I’ve also got a few more planned for after Christmas (for myself, oh my goodness). I really like this cowl (I want it) and I plan on making it with my Yarnchef yarn. I’m also panting after this bag, and I’ve already bought some lovely purple Sugar’n’Cream yarn for it. I’m in love with these gloves as well.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back when I’m out from under my pile of Christmas knitting. Ciao.