So my knitting plan has gone quite awry from what I wrote last time.

Some of my Christmas knitting is, indeed, done. I finished the second black hat (for my Dad). My mother informed me that she no longer wanted slippers, but in fact wanted a scarf. So I’m about a third of the way through her scarf, but I can’t link to it because she’s going to read this now. No picture yet, I’m afraid. I think she’ll like it.

I also finished the Beaumonde Hat, but it came out laughably small. I donated it to Erin, who used it for Sticks n Stitches (which I missed). I now have to create a second one and figure out what went wrong with the first. Blargh. The recipient did indeed like the hat, despite its ridiculously small size.

Next up, I still need to finish the Danica scarf and the Exchequered scarf (see previous post). The latter is for a person who already has slippers, though, so she’s last on the list. I do need to make two more pairs of slippers still. Argh.

And that will be it! If it seems like there’s less that before, it’s because I replaced the last two scarves with two cowls that I finished quite quickly. The first followed this pattern and the second the lovely Noble Cowl pattern (which I love and will be making more of). The Noble Cowl is currently blocking, so pictures are forthcoming.

So that’s everything I need to finish. 3 scarves, a hat and 2 pairs of slippers. Then my Christmas knitting will be DONE. I’m hoping to finish it before the Olympics start, as I am participating in the Ravelympics.

What is that, you ask? Well I, along with many other insane knitters, will be entering into knitting and crocheting and everything-else-crafting events that will begin during the opening ceremonies and finish during the closing. 2 weeks (ish) of insane knitting adventures. Here are my events with links to the projects I’m going to do:

The Bag Jump (also counts for SnowCross, as it involves more than one craft. Pattern by Jana Pihota.)

Short Track Shawls (also counts for Lace Luge, for obvious reasons)

Scarf  Super-G (I’m frogging my awful knitted version and redoing it with crochet)

I’m really excited. I’m working on my gauge swatches and knitting furiously to finish my Christmas projects in time. Wish me luck!